Invitation to bid for a £25K grant for: Christian Reflection on Scotland’s Constitutional Future – updated

The Trustees of The Paristamen Charity have now updated the invitation to bid for our 2023 Blue Sky Grant. We are offering a grant of £25,000 for an imaginative project on the theme: Christian Reflection on Scotland’s Constitutional Future.

The aim is to bring together those on both sides of the independence debate but with a clear approach of Christian reflection and genuine listening.  The invitation has been revised following the UK Supreme Court decision meaning that no referendum is now expected in October 2023 – instead the suggested timescale is for the project in the year 2023/24 leading up to the expected UK General Election in 2024.

Full details of the terms of the grant, who can apply and the sort of proposals that will be considered are in the revised invitation to bid. The deadline for proposals is now 10 February 2023 – but if you are interested in submitting a proposal or you know of a charity which might please get in touch as soon as possible for an informal discussion.